The Witch


Isova is an attractive, eccentric, busty woman in both personality and in her appearance. She stands roughly 5ft 8in, though with her eye-catching hat on she can appear that much taller. Her hair is blonde and is very long, trailing down to the small of her back, and her eyes are a soft blue color. Curiousity and playfulness shine within them.

She usually wears black dress and long gloves and can often be seen with a semi-translucent shawl-like material draped over her shoulders. She is never caught without her hat, regardless of her outfit. Its wide, black brim and crooked point are unmistakeable, and oftentimes, the skull of some creature or another can be seen resting atop the brim.

Description Stats
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 135lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


Isova has revealed that she used to be an advisor to the ruling council of Siseneg, but with Livek Rej’s takeover, has since been relieved of that duty. Now, she works hard to keep some semblance of normality for the city’s citizens and as a sort of peace-keeper emmisary between the populace and Livek Rej. She knows Rej is wary of her powers, but she dares not openly confront him alone, both out of fear that he may turn on the city in response as well as out of wariness of the odds that would be stacked against her.

Since coming to the aid of the players, the good-natured witch has since taken an interest in their rather strange circumstances, however other matters keep her from lending much of her time to help them.


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