Colored Stones

Hardly larger than a marble, these spherical objects can be slotted into items made to receive them, granting the items' owner additional benefits.

Color Effect
Red 1d4 Fire Damage
Blue 1d4 Ice Damage
Yellow 1d4 Acid Damage
Green 1d4 Electricity Damage
Clear Status

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
Found in the Intro Dungeon separately; were used to open the sealed door to the dungeon’s exit.
Were then given to Tony by Arokh, along with Clear.

Red – Slotted into Anthony’s GuitarAxe
Blue – Slotted into Tony’s right glove
Green – Slotted into Nick’s Greatsword
Yellow – Slotted into Gina’s Longbow
Clear – Slotted into Tony’s left glove

Colored Stones

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