Character Advancement

Advancing a character beyond “level 1” is as follows. If you aren’t sure what your Character Level (CL) is, take a look here at the Character Level Determination page.

Trait XP Cost Per
Base Attack Bonus 300 x CL +1
Base Save Bonuses 100 x CL +1
Base Hit Points 25 x CL Hit Point
Skills 25 x CL Skill Rank
Feats 100 x CL Feat
Special Abilities 100 x CL Special Ability
Class Levels 25 x CL Class Level
Ability Scores 150 x CL +1 to Score
Bard Spellcasting 150 Level
Cleric Spellcasting 300 Level
Druid Spellcasting 200 Level
Psion Manifesting 500 Level
Sorcerer Spellcasting 500 Level
Wizard Spellcasting 500 Level

A few notes:

  • Generally, you must ‘qualify’ for all purchases. This includes prerequisites for feats and common-sense prereqs, like needing Rage before being able to purchase Greater Rage, or whatever.
  • Class features that aren’t presented here (or in the Character Creation, for that matter) CAN still be used, and there are methods to go about incorporating them into this system. If you have needs, let me know.
  • Important Note - You may or may not have noticed, but there are no Paladin and Ranger Spellcasting traits to purchase, nor is there Psychic Warrior Manifesting. Paladins, Rangers and Psychic Warriors no longer have their own spell/power lists or progression. While I am not quite sure of the reasoning behind this (probably because they normally don’t begin play with Spellcasting ability/don’t get any until higher levels), the ruleset does the following:
    • All Paladin Spells are now part of the Cleric Spell list
    • All Ranger Spells are now part of the Druid Spell list
    • All Psychic Warrior Powers are now part of the Psion Power list
      This means that to emulate spellcasting/manifesting for these classes, you must purchases the Spellcasting equivalent.

Character Advancement

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