LN Metropolis, City-State

Corruption +12; Crime +4; Economy +0; Law +6; Lore +6; Society +1
Qualities Government Capitol, Strategic Location, Superstitious
Danger +15; Disadvantages Dying, Impoverished
Military 300 Mercenaries, 0 Guardsmen, 0 Militia


  • Government Overlord
  • Population 25,000 (80% Adult; Humans, Elves, Halfling, etc)
  • Language Common
  • Religion None

Noteable NPCs

  • Overlord Livek Rej (Male, Human)
  • Mercenary Captain
  • Witch Isova (CG, Female, Human, Witch)

Base Value 6,400 gp; Purchase Limit 10,000 gp; Spellcasting 5th
Minor Items 2d4; Medium Items 1d4; Major Items

Laws and Politics:

  • General Laws LE, Ruthless, Self-defense punished, Infractions handled by guardsmen
  • Weapon Laws Open carry permitted, sheathed; Concealed carry permitted, sheathed; Registration common; Confiscation common
  • Magic Laws Banned without permit, punishable by death
  • Religion Laws Banned, punishable by death

Districts 81; 1 mile diameter


  • Outer Wall 10ft Thick, 30ft High, AC3, Hardness 8, 720HP/10ft, Climb DC30, Double crenellation
    • Gates (3) Portcullis (2), Murder holes
    • Watchtowers (X) 40ft High, 50ft Diameter, Reinforced wooden door Disable Device DC30
  • Inner Wall 5ft Thick, 20ft High, AC3, Hardness 8, 450HP/10ft, Climb DC30, Single crenellation

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