The God of Light

Greater Deity
Symbol: Sun
Home Plane: Positive Energy Plane
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Light, Sun, Healing, Law
Worshipers: Everyone
Cleric Alignments: LN, N, LG, LE
Domains: Destiny, Glory, Healing, Law, Purification, Sun
Favored Weapon: Staff

Generally considered to be the head of the Pantheon, though the gods themselves make no such claims, Solorian brought light and order to the world when it was new. By his will, the sun rises each morning and sources of illumination pierce the darkness of Avalon’s doing.

He is the counterpart to Avalon, goddess of darkness, and her estranged lover. Their dual nature of light and darkness makes their union an impossible one, as he rises and sets with the sun while she with the moon. Solorian accepts this fate, however, as it is the way of the universe.

Solorian makes up half of the Celestial Pair, and together with Avalon, he maintains a careful balance over the world and the other deities.


Solorian teaches that there are two sides to all things, and that even light must have darkness to exist. He promotes practical, sensible law showing wisdom and thought, and favors good over evil (likely because evil creatures more commonly violate sensible law than good creatures do), but otherwise dictates neutrality is necessary for the world to remain in motion. Neither good nor evil can persist long without the other and a constant balance of the two must be maintained.

Clergy and Temples

Solorian’s clerics favor white garb, indicative of the bright, pure nature of the light. They are generally stern folk who do not tolerate fools and troublemakers. They strive to keep a balance within themselves and promote the same in others.
Temples to Solorian are always brightly lit and built from reflective, usually white, materials such as marble or bleached stone. Intricate carvings adorn the buildings, usually depicting the rising sun or the solar/lunar cycles. The interiors are welcoming and quiet, a place for meditation and self reflection.

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