Goddess in Darkness, Queen of Shadows

Greater Deity
Symbol: Crescent Moon
Home Plane: Plane of Shadow
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Darkness, Moon, Death, Chaos
Worshipers: Everyone
Cleric Alignments: CN, N, CG, CE
Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Death, Decay, Moon, Repose
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Goddess of Darkness and the night, Avalon created the shadows and the moon to mirror Solorian’s light and sun. She rules over the realm of the dead, receiving the souls of the departed and grants them repose of the grief and anguish of death.

Avalon is the antagonized counterpart to Solorian, god of light. Their love is one that cannot be and Avalon knows. She cannot, or perhaps will not, accept this and grieves constantly. Her sorrow brought darker things into the world, twisting the once pure darkness into something sinister and bleak.

Avalon makes up half of the Celestial Pair, and together with Solorian, she maintains a careful balance over the world and the other deities.


Avalon constantly mourns her fate. Though she recognizes the reason and the importance behind her duty (thus, why she persists in it), she is destined to forever be denied the love of Solorian. She teaches that not all things are meant to be, and even some that are never hold true. She entreats her followers to grieve for their losses, but to hold true to oneself and one’s duty, and to aid others in kind.
Darkness, she tells, is only the other half of the light, and just as a soul can be filled with light and joy and frivolity, so too can one be filled with darkness, sorrow and anguish. Draw strength from this and move forward.

Clergy and Temples

Avalon’s religion is loosely organized, at best. Her teachings (and thus, her clergy) are many, though widespread. Many of Avalon’s clerics were once lovers or admirers of someone they lost or could never hope to be with. The Shadow Queen calls to them and welcomes all such heavy hearts into her broken family. While they rarely ever organize or work together on endeavors, clerics of Avalon always get along with and respect each other; after all, they have much in common with one another. Her clergy favor black garb, for mourning.
Temples dedicated to Avalon are few and far between. Most such temples are hidden, off the beaten path, in a place far enough from societies. Solitude and soul-searching are staples of Avalon’s religion, so seclusion and quiet are where her temples can be found.

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