Character Creation

Characters are given 2,000 XP to begin with, and they can spend it on whatever they wish, within the parameters set out below.

Trait Cost (XP) Maximum Value
Base Attack Bonus 300 for +1 +1
Base Save Bonus 100 per +1 +2
Base Hit Points 25 per HP 12 HP
Skill Rank 25 per Rank 4 Ranks per Skill
Base Feat 100 One Base Feat
Armor and Weapon Proficiency Feats 100 per Feat
Bard Spellcasting 150 First Level
Cleric Spellcasting 300 First Level
Druid Spellcasting 200 First Level
Psion Manifesting 500 First Level
Sorcerer Spellcasting 500 First Level
Wizard Spellcasting 500 First Level
Special Ability 100 per Ability First Level
Class Level 25 per Class First Level
Ability Score 150 per +1 Racial Max

A few notes on all this:

  • Saves - Each Base Save bonus is bought separately (spending 300XP can net you +1/+1/+1 or +2/+1/+0, etc)
  • Hit Points - All characters begin with 1 HP free. So to get max HP, you would only have to purchase 11, not 12.
  • Skills - Skills are very different in this system. Because we have no definitive classes, there are no class skills. What does this mean? It means any skill you purchase is considered to be a class skill and that you can purchase skills in whatever combination you want. Brilliant.
  • Base Feat - One ‘Base Feat’ may be purchased. This excludes feats gained because of racial or other special abilities. This is representative of every character’s 1st level feat. Yes, you must pay for it.
  • Weapon/Armor Prof Feats - Any number of these may be purchased, though you still must purchase prerequisites first (i.e. Light before Medium, etc). Also, under this system, purchasing the Martial Weapon Proficiency feat grants proficiency in all martial weapons (not just one as stated in the feat description).
  • Spellcasting - Here’s where it becomes a little tricky. These purchases effectively grant you a ‘level’ in the respective spellcasting classes, but only for purposes of increasing Spells per Day, Spells Known, Caster Level, and other direct benefits of each class’ spellcasting features (like Cleric Domains). This does not give you bonus feats, familiars/animal companions, or any other abilities associated with specific class levels. Yes, you may purchase levels in more than one spellcasting class (assuming you have the XP for it), but each effective Caster Level may be no higher than 1.
  • Special Ability - Characters may purchase any special ‘class’ abilities available to 1st level characters; yes, abilities. Anything from the Barbarian’s Rage to the Cleric’s Turn Undead is acceptable, but only up to the 1st level equivalent of these abilities. A full list is located HERE.
  • Class Level - This is even trickier. I will quote directly from the source on this one:

“Some special abilities (such as the monk’s wholeness of body class special) increase in potency as a character attains higher levels in a certain class. Since there are no classes in this ruleset, the ability to purchase “class levels” is used to determine the level at which these special abilities operate. Characters that have purchased spellcasting levels can count those levels as class levels in the appropriate spellcasting class (such as bard and druid) and do not need to purchase class levels. Starting characters can purchase one class level in as many classes they want (but one class level only in each).”

My take is that this only really applies if you purchase a special ability of a class that has no or that you take no spellcasting levels in. Only applies rarely, I think.

  • Ability Score - Pretty simple, but fairly new. You can purchase an increase to any ability scores you like, up to a maximum of what would be the normal maximum for your race. For Humans, 18 is tops, for Dwarves, a 20 Con is max, etc.
  • Final Note - Class features that aren’t presented here CAN still be used, and there are methods to go about incorporating them into this system. If you have needs, let me know.

Character creation (at level 1) is different than the rest of character advancement. Certain limitations had to be placed on ‘new’ characters to simulate ‘level 1’ power. After creation, you’re free to spend as much XP on anything you like in any order. There are a few things to be careful of, however, so see the other sections first.

Character Advancement
Character Level Determination

Character Creation

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