Character Creation and Advancement

For this campaign, we will be using Custom Characters by Erick Lee Edwards. It is a way to develop completely customized characters from level 1 and up. After he describes the rules/method of his system, Edwards shows how each of the character classes from the Player’s Handbook can be made using this system with little deviation as far as experience points go.

This method ditches the idea of ‘classes’ and ‘levels’ altogether, and instead, focuses on purchasing your ‘class’ benefits with experience points. The best way I can relate this to you guys is to think about the White Wolf “World of Darkness” game system and the way experience points are used in lieu of any kind of denominating class or character level.

What follows are links to the information necessary for creating and advancing characters.

Custom Characters by Erick Lee Edwards (Original PDF)
Character Creation – For creating “level 1” characters
Character Advancement – For advancing characters through XP expenditure
Character Level Determination – For figuring out what your character’s effective level is

Character Creation and Advancement

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