The five gods and five goddesses of Verden created the material plane as it is known. Each took on a task akin to their nature and from their union, the world was born.

Name Domains1 Rank Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio
Asherah Animal, Healing, Plant, Protection, Travel L N Bow Forests, Woodlands, Flora and Fauna, Fertility
Avalon Chaos, Darkness, Death, Decay, Moon, Repose G CN Scythe Darkness, Moon, Death, Chaos
Drajar Death, Evil, Illusion, Pestilence, Trickery I NE Scimitar Desert, Drought, Mirage, Undead
Galvanix Artifice, Metal, Protection, Strength, War L N Bastard Sword Metal, Smithing, Artisans, War
Nerina Chaos, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Water I CG Any Water, Healing, Foresight, Sea
Salacia Cold, Death, Evil, Suffering, Winter I NE Spear Ice, Vanity, Envy, Suffering
Solorian Destiny, Glory, Healing, Law, Purification, Sun G LN Staff Light, Sun, Healing, Law
Tuuli Air, Good, Knowledge, Luck, Windstorm I NG Rapier Wind, Weather, Sky, Wit
Vulcan Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Strength, Sun I CN Falchion Fire, Pride, Victory, Passion
Yorick Earth, Good, Law, Protection, Strength I LG Warhammer Earth, Wisdom, Common Sense, Discipline

1 Additionally, every deity allows access to the Magic Domain.

For full descriptions, see the Cleric Domain List

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