Display Format

Settlement Name
Alignment, Size, Kingdom (if any)

Corruption Bluff (vs officials/guards), Stealth (outside); Crime Sense Motive (vs Bluff), Sleight of Hand (pickpocket); Economy Craft, Perform, Profession; Law Intimidate, Diplomacy (vs officials, call guards); Lore Diplomacy (gather info), Knowledge (research); Society Disguise, Diplomacy (non-officals)
Qualities Unique attributes, modifies settlement statistics
Danger Adds to Random Encounter % rolls; Disadvantages Major flaws, modifies settlement statistics
Military Number and percent of adult population


  • Government Style, modifies settlement attributes
  • Population Value (% Adults; Racial breakdown)
  • Language Primary language of the settlement
  • Religion Official religion of the settlement

Noteable NPCs

  • Title/Position NAME (Alignment, Gender, Race, Class Levels)

Base Value Value or lower can be found easily (75%); Purchase Limit NPC gold for purchasing; Spellcasting Highest level spells for hire
Minor Items Number available; Medium Items Number available; Major Items Number available

Laws and Politics:

  • General Laws Alignment, Quality, Self-defense, Punishments
  • Weapon Laws Varies
  • Magic Laws Varies
  • Religion Laws Varies

Districts Number; Settlement size/distance

  • District Description


  • Walls Thickness, Height, AC, Hardness, HP/10ft, Climb DC, Crenellation
    • Gates (quantity) Portcullis (quantity), Murder holes
    • Watchtowers (quantity) Height, Diameter, Doors (Disable Device DC)
    • etc


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